Welcome to Our Magnet School

As the Williamsburg Bridge Magnet School for Communication and  Mixed Media Arts, we place an emphasis on providing project-based learning opportunities for our students in all modern forms of communication.  We believe in providing students with  an appreciation of a wide variety of artistic experiences in order to develop the whole child.  Making use of Communication and various forms of Media, as well as Fine and Performance Arts, we infuse all of the strands of STEAM-Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics- into our students' school day. Please read below to learn about many of our exciting Magnet opportunities!!! 

Please feel free to call 718-497-0139 for more information as well as  to arrange for a school tour at any time. We look forward to sharing our school with you!!



Magnet Program Video

Pre- K

Pre- Kindergarten Programs 

We are so excited to announce that our youngest students will have the ability to take part in our exciting programs as well as their centers-based Pre-K curriculum.  This winter, our Pre- K students will be continuing to learn creative movement to exercise the body with Ms. Kate.    The Pre- K classes welcome parents to come in join the fun activities.





Kindergarten & 1st Grade

Welcome to K & 1 

This winter, our Kindergarten and 1st grade  students will be working with the  Salvadori Center to learn all about animals.   Also, the students will continue to participate in  Music classes from the  Center for Arts Education with the support of the Annenberg Foundation once a week.  Kindergarten and 1st graders will be working on project based units in the classroom to support the reading and the writing curriculum, with an emphasis on communication and technology through the use of multi-media presentations. Our first grade students have also begun to new Media Center. 



2nd & 3rd Grade

Welcome to 2nd and 3rd Grade 

Our 2nd and 3rd grade students are being provided with wonderful performing arts opportunities this year. Our 2nd grade students will continue to meet with Ms. Kate, our theater arts instructor,  weekly to learn many different aspects of performing arts and theater, as well as plan a culminating performance.  Our  third grade students began working with  The Paley Media Center and are participating in a special Media Arts class.  Music classes are provided weekly by the Center for the Arts Foundation with the support of The  Annenberg Foundation.  Project- based units will be conducted in the classroom throughout the school year, with an emphasis on communication and technology through multi-media presentations.  Check out a music video created by our 2nd graders on our Facebook page! 




4th & 5th Grade

Welcome to the 4th & 5th Grade 

As the new year arrives,   our 4th graders will be concluding their  work with the Ademix company to design, film, and edit  two professional music videos that are Math and Science themed. At the beginning of January, the 4th graders professionally filmed their music video. They are currently in the  edited phase and it  will be appearing shortly on all of our social media sites. Stay Tuned!!  Our 5th graders continue to work with Rosie's Theater Kids and will be performing on February 7, 2018.  We are still developing our project- based units to support our reading, writing, science and social studies standards. We will work on creating exciting multi-media presentations that highlight student's efforts throughout the school year. 



How to Apply

As a Magnet School, P.S. 196 is open to in-zone and out-of-zone students from Pre-K through 5th Grade.


Registration for Pre-K is a centralized application process handled by the Department of Education (DOE). The application is available online at the DOE website generally from January to March. You may submit your application online. Click here to visit the NYC DOE Pre-K Enrollment site for up to date information.

Please visit the Department of Education (DOE) site on Kindergarten admissions, to see the official intake and registration process, timeline (generally from December to January), and list of required documents. You will also find the criteria which we must follow for enrollment priorities (zoning, siblings, etc).

1st through 5th grade:
Since we are a Magnet school, enrollment is open to all NYC children across the five boroughs. Priority for enrollment is given to children who reside within our school zone. To register students in Grades 1 to 5, families must complete a Magnet Application at the school site or click here to access the application.

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Contact Us

Rob Burstein- Magnet Director 718-497-0139

Roseann Randazzo-  Rrandazzo@schools.nyc.gov

Anthony Zalak- Azalak3@schools.nyc.gov